2020 Mom Announces Election of its Board of Trustees’ Chairperson and Secretary

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — 2020 Mom, a nonprofit advocacy organization whose mission is to close gaps in maternal mental health care, announces the election of Carole Mendoza to Chairperson of its board of trustees, succeeding Dr. Aviril Sepulveda and Interim Chairperson, John Smith

Mrs. Mendoza is a global employee benefits executive and most recently served as the organization’s Treasurer.

“I first engaged with 2020 Mom because I was passionate about the organization’s mission and impressed with its ability to attract multiple stakeholders to the table to solve the complex maternal mental health-public health crisis.  The organization’s impact on closing gaps in maternal mental health is impressive,” said Mendoza. “I am delighted to now lead the board as we enter the next phase of our development.”

Kobi Ajayi, a public health graduate research assistant at Texas A&M University, was elected Board Secretary.

“We are extremely grateful for the five years of leadership Dr. Aviril Sepulveda provided while on the board of trustees. Her insight and dedication to the organization’s growth have been remarkable,” said Joy Burkhard, Executive Director.

“As we head into the next decade, we are ready to empower change agents to improve the health delivery system and strengthen parenting support for mothers,” said Burkhard.

Kelly Nielson

About 2020 Mom

Up to one in five women suffer from maternal mental health disorders like postpartum depression.  Screening to detect these disorders is not universal, and treatment, when offered, is fragmented and delayed. 2020 Mom is closing these gaps by advancing regulatory and legislative policy change and providing tools and convening opportunities for change agents. 

Learn more at http://www.2020mom.org.

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