A Lee Dog Story Helps Those Experiencing Homelessness Keep Their Hands Washed

MEMPHIS, Tenn., Sept. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — A nonprofit organization formed in memory of a longtime homeless man from Memphis, TN is helping many of the area’s most vulnerable citizens fight the coronavirus pandemic.

A Lee Dog Story donated 20 portable hand-washing stations and soap to 10 Memphis-area nonprofits that serve homeless men, women and children.

The 20 stations, placed at various outdoor locations across the community, provide a much-needed service.

According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, those who are homeless are vulnerable to the coronavirus due to lack of access to hygiene products and healthcare.

“When stores and restaurants closed or restricted access because of the pandemic, many people experiencing homelessness had nowhere to go to wash their hands,” said Zach Waters. “These simple stations make it easy.”

“Our guests at Manna House are loving these washstands. The washstands are an integral part of our plan to reduce the likelihood of the spread of the coronavirus among our guests and volunteers,” said Peter Gathje.

Here’s a list of each nonprofit organization and how many portable hand-washing stations they received:

1 – Lisieux Community
1 – A Betor Way
2 – Room In The Inn – Memphis
4 – Manna House Memphis
2 – Burrito Ministries – Memphis First United Methodist Church
2 – First Congo Food Justice Ministry
2 – Catholic Charities of West Tennessee
2 – Constance Abbey
2 – Alpha Omega Veterans Services, Inc.
2 – St. Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral – Memphis

For more information, contact:

Dr. Peter Gathje, Manna House – 901-826-5318
Rev. Lisa Anderson, Room In the Inn – 901-246-8052
Barry Anderson – Burrito Ministry – 901-283-8062
Patrick Williams – St. Mary’s Episcobal Cathedral – 646-709-8676
Zach Waters, Founder / CEO A Lee Dog Story & Homes for Hearts – 901-605-8345

A Lee Dog Story was founded in 2018 after the death of Lee Brown. Lee Thomas Brown, aka ‘Lee Dog’, lived on the streets of Memphis for almost 20 years, but in his last 15 years he was able to get off the streets and into stable, affordable housing with the help of the Memphis community.

A Lee Dog Story is committed to engaging the public with stories of life on the streets and recovery through the power of art, film and storytelling. Together with Homes for Hearts, they will build permanent supportive housing with quality, self-managed Cottage Courts, containing Tiny Homes within Memphis, thus establishing permanent affordable housing, in communities who want and need them, while also paving the way for people experiencing homelessness toward home ownership. Along the way, A Lee Dog Story will engage these communities and the greater Memphis community in the stories of those who experience homelessness through the form of a TV docuseries. Combined with A Lee Dog Story, their hope is that they can bring art and community, two fundamental elements of Memphis, together to create permanent community-driven change.

A Lee Dog Story is still raising money for more hand washing stations and gallons of soap for local churches and nonprofits within Memphis.



Media Contact:
Zachary Waters


SOURCE A Lee Dog Story

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