Arctic Storm Uri: Sewa International Distributes 43,000 lbs. of Food, Water

HOUSTON, Feb. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Sewa International distributed over 43,000 pounds of food and hundreds of gallons of drinking water on Saturday, February 20 to families affected by winter storm Uri in Houston. 

Sewa is planning to distribute a truckload (43,000 pounds) of food every weekend for the next several months. These food drives are part of the COVID-19 and winter storm Uri relief efforts. “More than a million pounds of food will be distributed by the end of these drives,” said Nikhil Jain, Sewa’s Houston Chapter Coordinator. 

Sewa partnered with Alief School District, International Management District, and Houston Assistance Ministry to conduct the food drive. Cars lined up two to three miles before the drive started at 9 AM.

Sewa volunteers swung into action as they started receiving calls about burst pipes, flooding of homes, and lack of heating. With a plumber’s help they were immediately able to fix leaks in about 13 homes over the weekend. Sewa shared a list of more than 500 plumbers serving different areas of Houston with the community desperate for quick, skilled help. 

A young couple with an eight-month pregnant wife, and an elderly couple did not have drinking water and electricity. Sewa volunteers were quick to respond and help. The elderly couple was provided a host family to ride out the storm. Another elderly woman living alone was one of the many that Sewa helped with either accommodation or food and water. In another instance, Sewa arranged for oxygen canisters for a 90-year-old man when his wife called for help. Volunteers also supplied dehumidifiers and fans as well as food, water, and other essentials. When it was not safe to drive, they found people in the neighborhood to supply water and food to needy families.

Sewa volunteers began sharing critical information with the community a week ahead of the storm. “Most queries we received were about the right thing to do during the storm. We provided clear answers to these questions,” Nikhil Jain said. 

Sewa is partnering with OneStar Foundation, the State Service Commission on Volunteerism and Community Service for Texas since 2003, which administers the AmeriCorps program. Sewa is the only organization specialized in disaster management in the OneStar portfolio in Texas. Eighteen AmeriCorps volunteers are working with Sewa helping coordinate disaster relief efforts. 

“This Arctic blast has shown us that natural disasters and crises can strike at any moment. We are ready to serve the distressed and the underserved in our communities, and we will continue to monitor the needs of our communities, and provide help,” said Nikhil Jain

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Sewa International,, a leading Hindu faith-based nonprofit organization, has extensive experience in disaster rescue, relief, and rehabilitation operations having responded to 24 disasters in the US and abroad.

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