Coaching for Social Impact Pilot Project Launches

LEXINGTON, Ky., March 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The International Coaching Federation (ICF) Foundation launched a social impact partnership in collaboration with Many Hopes, New York. Along with six of its partner organizations in Bolivia, Ghana, Guatemala, Kenya, Malawi and Peru to offer pro bono professional coaching services to their leadership teams. 

Many Hopes’ mission is to equip children to become men and women who break cycles of injustice. Each organization participating will report on its baseline metrics before starting the program and completing the twelve-month program. This project’s data is anticipated to support the premise that professional coaching has a positive social impact on system change organizations. 

“ICF Foundation believes that globally, the effectiveness of social system change organizations increases through professional coaching. Coaching builds capacity in organizations and has a ripple effect when applied to its leadership. While we know the efficacy of coaching in for-profit entities, we believe the same to be true for mission-based organizations,” Coura Badiane, Vice President, ICF Foundation. 

The Foundation partners with organizations to pursue positive, sustainable social change, with a mission geared toward one of the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. The organization must also have established outcomes, strategies, goals and metrics to measure success defined as social impact or social values. 

“The value of this project for the partner organization lies in the transformation that coaching can bring to professionals and organizations. Because of coaching, people worldwide have been able to surpass their limitations and achieve their personal and professional goals. Coaching can shift your organization’s culture by moving away from a command-and-control leadership style to collaboration and creativity,” Badiane said. 

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ICF Foundation is a nonprofit entity of the International Coaching Federation ecosystem established to create social impact through professional coaching. Together with the shared vision of leading global advancement of the coaching professions and fostering coaching’s role as an integral part of a thriving society. The Foundation’s mission is to connect and equip professional coaches and organizations to accelerate and amplify social change organizations impact.

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