Donately App Enables Hassle-Free Charitable Giving

MIDDLETOWN, Del., Jan. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Donately has found the perfect answer for hassle-free charitable giving. Many people have favorite causes that they would like to donate to; however, good intentions only go so far. To most, supporting charitable causes requires funds or time that may be in short supply. Donately has the answer!

To benefit charities through Donately, all users have to do is download the free Donately app and simply use their phone as they normally do. Users will be able to make donations – at no cost to themselves – simply by swiping to open their lock screen, watching a video, or looking at an ad.

"At Donately, we understand that sometimes charity can feel like a chore," says one partner. "We are all so busy with our daily lives it’s easy for it to feel challenging to take the time or find the money to give back. We decided to create an app that could revolutionize charitable giving and could be easily used by anyone with an Android phone. Through installing the app, you can generate points just for using your phone and redeem those points with one of our global charity partners."

How Donately works

Users have many options for helping their favourite charitable cause. Installing the app and enabling the lock screen earns points that can be used to plant trees, shelter animals, feed the hungry, and so much more. They can earn more points by sharing with friends – points translate to cash donations, meaning it is simpler than ever to make a meaningful difference at no cost to users.

Anyone can download the app to their phone for free from the Google Play Store, and create a profile to start raking up points and helping their chosen cause – without any hit to their wallet. Donately tracks the impact donations make; users can view the number of meals provided, trees planted, etc., so they can instantly tell the impact they’re making.

Donately partners with a number of charities; every 300 points a donor makes – just by using their phone – is redeemed for meaningful donations. Donately also partners with Pledge, who do all of the integrating, so no cash is handled. Pledge ensures that all points are redeemed quickly and efficiently.


Examples of causes currently supported include: provision of meals for the hungry; providing safe drinking water; planting trees to help fight climate change; and animal rescue:


When users join Donately, they become part of a greater community of like-minded people, all helping to make a difference.

The Donately team is rethinking charity. Often, when people hear "charity" they think of donating either money or hours of their time. Unfortunately, not everyone who wants to donate their time and money is able to.

"We wanted to change this, focusing on specific, high-value impacts for members to redeem points towards," added the development team. "It has never been easier for members to find a cause important to them and demonstrate their support."

Changing the world shouldn’t be a chore; join the Donately community and make an impact today.

Media contact:
Tom Riley