Energy Allies Receives $100,000 Grant from Liberty Mutual Foundation

Liberty Mutual Supports Energy Allies in Building Power for Community-led Energy in Climate-impacted Communities

BOSTON and NEW YORK, Jan. 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In a remarkable leap towards a community-led energy future, Energy Allies, the startup energy justice nonprofit based in Boston and New York, has been awarded a $100,000 grant from the Liberty Mutual Foundation.

Renowned for actively involving and working alongside communities most impacted by climate change, Energy Allies imagines a future where every person lives in flourishing, resilient homes powered independently by clean energy. At the heart of their strategy lies the innovative Community Advisory Board (CAB), a collective of community members and organizational representatives compensated for their essential role in developing and endorsing local green energy solutions.

“In our quest for equitable access to sustainable power sources, this grant represents a significant step toward building sturdy, self-reliant communities. It enables us to expedite our community-driven initiatives while reinforcing the conviction that given opportunities, communities are best positioned to lead progress towards clean energy,” says Sara Chandler, Chairperson of Energy Allies’ Board of Directors.

The first CAB established in Boston ensures that community-led solar projects align with the specific needs of the locality. In partnership with PUSH Buffalo in Buffalo, NY, another CAB was formed under Energy Allies’ guidance, with community leadership designing an energy project to create intergenerational wealth for those living in communities most impacted by climate change.

Yesenia Rivera, Executive Director at Energy Allies, adds, “This funding propels us into new heights of fulfilling our mission objectives. Our approach centered around communities, exemplified by Community Advisory Boards, is pivotal in making lasting impacts. We appreciate the support that allows us to expand our efforts to build equitable clean energy solutions.”

Being a significant contributor to the movement towards fair access to clean energy, Energy Allies strategically partners with community members, local organizations, and property owners. Together, they pinpoint ideal locations for green energy projects and devise programs to democratize the power system for all community dwellers.

Community-driven power represents an innovative solution addressing challenges posed by unreliable, costly, and potentially dangerous traditional grids. Energy Allies emphasizes the importance of a movement led by communities advocating for energy justice while highlighting the risk of worsening existing issues without it.

With its roots in research, Energy Allies has emerged as a leader concerning income-eligible community solar access. In collaboration with the Department of Energy, MIT, and Stanford University, this nonprofit developed ‘Energy Score,’ an accurate predictor of energy payments inclusive to all households. Through alliances with the Department of Energy Solar Technologies Office (SETO), it advocates policies promoting equal inclusion across all income brackets, emphasizing communities’ vital role in co-designing local power.

This $100,000 funding from Liberty Mutual Foundation places an already impactful organization – ‘Energy Allies’, into a position where it could further amplify its contributions towards cleaner and more balanced prospects. This financial boost will kickstart community-led solar initiatives while strengthening efforts to eliminate historical disparities in access to clean energy resources.

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