Fallen Heroes Fund Launches to Support Israel’s Gold Star Families

A global humanitarian effort founded by Jay Schottenstein and Robert H. Book to bring solace and solidarity to the families of Israel’s fallen soldiers and first responders 

NEW YORK, Jan. 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — American entrepreneurs and philanthropists Jay Schottenstein and family and Robert H. Book and family, today announced the launch of Fallen Heroes Fund, a global effort providing solidarity and appreciation to commemorating and supporting the families of fallen Israeli Defense and Security Forces (IDF). 

The Fallen Heroes Fund is a direct response to the horrific events of October 7th—a collective mission to come together with empathy and strength for the parents, children, and spouses of those fallen during a time of unspeakable grief. 

The Fallen Heroes Fund provides a memorial book honoring the fallen, and a check for 36,000 NIS to the immediate family of the fallen. 100% of the money donated goes directly to these families—all administrative costs are covered by the founding members. 

Members of the Fallen Heroes Fund travel personally to visit with these families as they grieve and adjust to their circumstances, conveying their solidarity and appreciation for the families of those who fell defending the people and country in the critical battle against the vicious attack imposed by the Hamas terrorists.

“The devastating cost of sacrifice to those left behind does not discriminate; it is a universal human experience which deserves the emotional and financial support of all those dedicated to the State of Israel and to Jewish people across the globe,” said Former United States Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, a co-chair of the Fallen Heroes Fund.

To date, the Fallen Heroes Fund has privately raised over $7M and is in the process of providing relief to the families of over 540 fallen soldiers and first responders. The fund’s Board of Directors includes Retired Major General Israel Ziv, Former United States Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and Former Senator Joe Lieberman, among many others—with a rapidly growing international network of supporters whose collective mission is “to stand together as one Jewish nation, with an unwavering commitment to the families of the fallen.” 

Retired Major General Israel Ziv, Chairman of the Board of Fallen Heroes Fund stated, “In my extensive military career, October 7th stands out as a day marked by unparalleled evil. Israel is now engaged in a fight for humanity and we must rally behind the families of Israel’s heroes, first responders and soldiers, who bravely fought for the defense of the State of Israel. Let’s ensure that the valor of these remarkable individuals remains unforgotten, and that their families feel our unwavering support and gratitude.”

“The barbaric disregard for innocent lives on October 7th is a stark reminder of the steadfast support needed for the State of Israel in defending its nation,” said Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. “I am privileged to be part of this humanitarian effort, as we honor the ultimate sacrifice of the fallen IDF soldiers and first responders. In unity, we affirm our commitment to freedom, security, and justice, extending meaningful support to their families.”
By partnering with the Fallen Heroes Fund, donors play an intimate and integral role in helping Israel’s Gold Star Families in honoring those who have fought to defend and preserve our way of life for the State of Israel.

To donate, visit: www.fallenh.org.

About Fallen Heroes Fund
Fallen Heroes Fund is a (501)(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to honoring the memory of brave IDF soldiers, first responders, and security forces by providing immediate financial and emotional support to Israel’s Gold Star Families. 100% of every penny donated goes directly to the families of the fallen. These heroes fought and fell in the heroic battle defending the State of Israel and Jewish people all over the world. The Fallen Heroes Fund stands resolute, ensuring that no family stands alone, and that each family shall know and feel the appreciation and commemoration for their loved one. For more information, visit: www.fallenh.org.

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