Free Natural Soap for a Year – Yacht Sales Broker and Entrepreneur Introduces eCommerce Platform, Surprising Consumers and over 1 Million Charities With Benefits

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., July 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Luxury yacht sales broker, entrepreneur, and digital technologies expert, Todd Weider surprises consumers with his new eCommerce platform offering private access and privileged benefits, including free natural soap for a year, 30% off all products for life, free merch, and more.

His message targets over one million charities across the U.S. and millions of conscious consumers with the unveiling of a new platform dedicated to the wellness of the underprivileged around the world and the health of our planet.

The new platform – eCommerce meets Philanthropy hybrid – supports causes ranging from equality, homelessness, hunger, disaster relief, STEM education, medical research, and others.

Charities include the ALS Association, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Oceana, OxFam, Pencils of Promise, Stand Up to Cancer, The Trevor Project, The Humane Society, and hundreds of thousands more.

At no cost to customers and charities, it provides tools and a new channel for nonprofits to raise awareness and meet fundraising goals, while empowering customers to support charities they care about.

Weider has named the platform Nōbl (@noblclub), which is the company’s special way of doing good, in honor of his children and the many influencers globally who know the importance of living by admirable qualities, including kindness and generosity. 

As Weider states: "Be Nōbl. There are hundreds of thousands of causes listed on Nōbl with millions of supporters, including celebrities Justin Beiber, Oprah Winfrey, Selena Gomez, Jason Derulo, Marc Jacobs, Elle Macpherson, Sophia Bush, Anna Kendrick, Adam Lambert, Matthew Broderick, and more. These supporters and everyday people have the power to Be Nōbl by raising awareness."

In under 30 seconds, anybody can take the #noblpledge to jump-start the Nōbl movement to help raise millions of dollars for causes they care about. 

Simply copy and paste this caption with an image of yourself:

"In support of the #noblpledge and @noblclub I posted this to make the world a better place. Your turn! "

Nōbl brings influencers and causes together and raises the bar by operating on a Buy One = Give One business model with a twist. For every item sold, a bar of soap or $1 will be given to a charitable cause chosen by the customer.

The company invites charities, influencers, and customers to participate in its unveiling with their Free Soap for a Year campaign. Pre-launch private access, also known as The "Founder’s Club", allows early adopters to receive lifetime benefits and early access to new products! 

More information:

Inspired by his global travels, Todd’s desire to give back came early in his career. While working as a superyacht captain, advisor, and yacht sales specialist for wealthy business leaders and philanthropists worldwide, he was inspired to take action.

"I have channeled resources into creating our first offering and look forward to team Nōbl forging ahead. I will remain on board as an advisor while focusing on yacht sales and charter. With more personal care products to follow, handcrafted natural soap is the first product Nōbl will offer."

Soap is the number one hygiene item requested by homeless shelters in the USA. According to the United Nations, around 297,000 children die annually due to poor hygiene, poor sanitation, or unsafe drinking water.

"Our natural soap bars are safe for both humans and our ecosystem. They are cruelty and paraben-free, handmade in the USA from sustainable ingredients, and boxed in recyclable packaging. Best of all, they genuinely improve and preserve the health of our skin. 

We believe in equality for all. There is no greater opportunity than the opportunity to give. To be Nōbl is a simple idea that’s at the heart of everything we do and part of our everyday hustle."


Fort Lauderdale, Fl – Nōbl was founded in 2021 with a mission to empower influencers, consumers, and charities to make change through awareness and the purchase of quality products. For each product purchased, the customer chooses from over 1 million causes, Nōbl then donates a bar of soap or $1 to charities that support people in need or our planet. The Nōbl Family invites everyone to promote kindness and generosity. Take the #noblpledge and join our movement.


Andy Gail


SOURCE Todd Weider

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