GCM Speaks Out: The Underground Churches Perspective on the Ongoing Israel-Hamas Tensions

NAMPA, Idaho, Oct. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Global Catalytic Ministries (GCM) with origins rooted in Iran, Afghanistan, and across the Middle East, including Israel, offers its position on recent global events. These roots grant GCM a unique lens to approach the war and atrocities in Israel on October 7. We will explore how Christians should respond without remaining neutral and insensitive.

What side are you on?

In Joshua 5:13-14, Joshua encounters the angel of the Lord (the non-physical manifestation of Christ) while spying out Jericho which is modern-day Palestinian West Bank territory. Joshua questions the angel’s allegiance, asking if he is with God’s people (the Jews) or the enemy (ancestors of modern-day Palestinians)? Jesus’ response was, “neither”; he is for Himself. To be Christ-like is to have His opinions, not ours. We must be on the side of Jesus as we navigate these challenging conversations. However, we want to emphasize that the church does not supersede Israel’s divine promises of God but is graphed into them (Rom 11).

Unwavering Support for Israel

God expects us to pray fervently for Israel’s peace (Ps 122:6) and bless the Jewish people (Gen 12:3). We also assert Israel’s undeniable right to exist in peace and defend herself (Ps. 82:3).

At the same time, our compassion extends to the Afghan population, currently under Taliban rule, facing tragedies such as child abductions, famine, and recent earthquakes that produced thousands of deaths around the same time Israel was being attacked.

Additionally, we empathize with our Arab brothers, who fear a resurgence of racial prejudice due to Hamas’s actions.

Impacting Israel’s National Security

As the underground church, our core mission is to make disciples in the darkest places and beyond. It is interesting what we have found while making disciples in Muslim countries which are historically hostile towards Israel. They are falling in love with the Jewish Messiah and developing a strong affection for the Jewish people. The Spirit of God is transforming the hearts of even the most radical Muslims, which has the most significant impact on Israel’s national security. GCM believes that Israel’s ultimate safety can be achieved by loving and making disciples of her enemies.

The Christian Posture Amid Suffering

In Israel, our disciple-makers directly experience the devastation of losing close friends, seeing them raped and dismembered, during the recent brutal acts by Hamas. While these events trigger profound sorrow and anger, we simultaneously underline the need for compassion and love, even for enemies.

Inspired by Jesus’s promise in Matthew 10, we are called to embrace a “Sheep Among Wolves” attitude as we go out and make disciples in the face of death. What spurred on the early church was the longing for Jesus’s return. They used one word, “Maranatha” which means the Lord has come, and He’s coming again. The first church’s resolve continues to inspire underground believers today. That Marantha love-sick cry for Jesus will influence the church at the end as well, as we see in Revelation 6: “How long, oh Lord, until you avenge the blood of the righteous.”

Hope and Mission

Despite escalating adversities, may we be followers of Christ who lay down our opinions and embrace suffering to take up the side of Jesus, remain steadfast in the quest to help love the lost toward the salvation of Jesus and trust in Christ’s ability to bring transformative change to the world’s most deadly regions as we eagerly await His return to mend this fractured world.

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