Launches Campaign to Raise over USD $1 Million for humanitarian Support to the People of Afghanistan

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — has set an ambitious goal of raising $1.1 million USD for 11 nonprofits working to help the people of Afghanistan (totalling $100,000 each).

Because of‘s unique infrastructure, one transaction allows givers to donate and support a wide range of organizations, with all funds split evenly between the 11 nonprofits.

The fundraiser has already attracted $50,000 USD in matched donations from generous donors, meaning that every time a giver donates $100, another $100 is added on top from the matching pool.

Live and taking donations now
You can learn more and make a donation to Afghanistan Humanitarian Aid here:

Donations made with Crypto, Stocks, and DAF (Donor Advised Funds) are also supported, as is making a donation to increase the matching pool and amplify the communities giving.

If the donation is made via a US bank account, 100% of the donated funds are passed directly to the nonprofits. is committed to remaining free, forever. The platform takes zero fees and internally covers the cost of bank transfers when paying out each nonprofit.

All 11 beneficiaries of this fundraiser are verified US registered 501(c)(3) nonprofits.

About is a platform made by, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization on a mission to transform philanthropy by providing 100% free and accessible infrastructure to help every person and organization do more good.

Within 1.5 years of launch, has helped over 1,500 nonprofits to raise $4.5mm in donations with innovative technology that enables donations in the form of cryptocurrencies, stocks, DAF, ACH, PayPal, Apple and Google Pay across all devices and browsers. You can view a public metrics dashboard at for the full breakdown of funds raised and causes supported.   

The original concept researched by the Better Giving Studio, allows givers to discover and donate to a list of verified nonprofits, all in one place. When a donation is made, the funds are split evenly across the list, meaning in one transaction, givers can support a wide range of organizations.

It’s also easy to share lists like Afghanistan Humanitarian Aid via one simple link with friends, family or followers.

"We believe has tremendous potential to unlock more generous giving to worthwhile causes. There are so many digital voices and organizations out there using their platforms to advocate for important issues. has been built to make the process of converting empathy into action that much simpler," says COO, Tina Roh.

Using and other giving tools, individuals can support over 1 million registered charities from one place and join a growing community of givers, nonprofits, and experts.

" is a great example of a giving tool built on and powered by’s accessible giving infrastructure. We hope that becomes a jumping off point for people to engage more deeply with philanthropy. Whether you are sharing an existing list, donating, or creating your own list, it’s a start to connecting with charities and ultimately becoming more informed and intentional givers," says CEO, Mark Ulrich.

Tina Roh
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