GiveSendGo Campaign Raises $100k CAD in 3 Days for Humanitarian Aid in Mykolaiv, Ukraine

MYKOLAIV, Ukraine, March 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On Saturday February 26th, Vladislav Nikolaichuk knew he had to do everything possible to help the people of Mykolaiv, Ukraine, a city under attack by Russian Forces — he is doing exactly that by starting a GiveSendGo campaign. Mykolaiv, Ukraine is in dire need of food, water, medical supplies, and shelter due to the lethal Russian assault being suffered by its citizens for the past eight days.


GeeksForLess is not new to charitable ventures as his company has donated over $1 million USD worth of supplies to the local hospital over the course of the last 8 years since the Crimean annexation by Russia.  Their pre-existing infrastructure is being leveraged to its full extent to support the acquisition and distribution of aid in Mykolaiv, Ukraine thus making them uniquely positioned to step in and quickly help.

Vladislav Nikolaichuk states: “When things first broke out and people offered their help, I was shy to ask for money, and simply thanked them for their kind words. I thought it wouldn’t be a problem since my company was committed to getting people to safety. But on the second day of the invasion the reality of wartime expenses set in, and I could see we couldn’t do it alone.”

If you would like to donate to this campaign, please go to As of March 1st, the campaign has raised over $100K CAD on GiveSendGo and has more than 100 donors. The campaign has caught the attention of a number of large donors. 

Vladislav Nikolaichuk states: “I don’t care about raising the money myself – I just want people to get the help they need. I knew I had to do this because I can get the funding directly to the people in need. My hope was that friends would be more comfortable donating knowing that I’m giving them my personal guarantee that the funds will be used to their maximum efficiency.”

100% of all the funds are being deployed directly for humanitarian purposes.  To donate please go to

For questions contact Vladislav Nikolaichuk at

About Vladislav Nikolaichuk

Vladislav Nikolaichuk was born in Mykolaiv, Ukraine where he resided until the age of 6 when he migrated to Canada with his family. He is President at GeeksForLess Canada, a company involved in supporting the local hospital and infrastructure of Mykolaiv since 2014. He is currently leading a donation campaign to help Ukraine in its time of need.

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Contact Phone: 416 277 9975

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