Meet Fadi Khoury, CFO of R2S

FLOWER MOUND, Texas, Aug. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — R2S is happy to introduce our exceptional CFO to the Dallas/Fort Worth business and non-profit community. Fadi and the accounting team are responsible for managing all financial aspects of our companies. His goal is to establish and maintain solid financial controls, while providing transparency to our owner, upper management team, and our banking partners.

One of R2S’s strengths is the long-standing relationships among its managing staff. Fadi is no exception. He has served as CFO of R2S since the spring of 2019, but his history with the company’s head of IT and COO goes back almost two decades. The common interest in serving the community through support of non-profits and supporting recycling efforts were the main impetus in his deciding to join R2S. He felt it was the perfect way, and the perfect group with whom to make a difference.

Fadi joined R2S with a strong background in the discount clothing industry, after having served as CFO AND Controller for Consolidated Clothiers/Fidelity Real Estate/Vantage Shoes for 17 years. Fadi says it was not a difficult move to make, as R2S allowed him to work with the community through local charities and help the environment through landfill diversion. He says his greatest inspiration is signing checks to local charities every month, and his goal is to grow the number of charities and support to them in the very near future.

In addition to increasing support to local non-profits, Fadi is also excited about the difference R2S is making in preserving our environment for future generations. He points out that in 2020 alone, R2S diverted more than 36 million pounds of textile waste, thus preventing it from ending up in local landfills.

For Fadi, working with R2S is truly a win-win. He said, "[We] can help the community through our charitable partners and help the environment, while earning a living at the same time? What an amazing trifecta!"

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