Military Veteran Writes Book to Raise Funds for Afghanistan

TEMECULA, Calif., March 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Eli Gardner, a veteran with 13 deployments, established Abra Kadabra Ink LLC to publish a collection of fiction novels that show a new side to conflict- associated countries. All Abra Kadabra Ink stories donate 25% of proceeds to relevant aide groups. Her first book in this collection, 1,000 Nights, releases this week to raise funds for Afghanistan, a place she spent approximately 1,000 nights in herself.

1,000 Nights follows translator Zartasha West, serving in the most dangerous regions of Afghanistan when an explosion separates her from her unit. She is kidnapped by a man who plans to ransom her to the Taliban. Her desperate journey begins, as she tries to humanize herself to her captor by telling him the dark fairytale she has penned about an Afghan girl who makes a deal with Death.

Yet every night, Zartasha intentionally shares only one chapter, leaving her captor greedy for more, delaying her fate one night at a time. In this homage to Arabian Nights, Zartasha is at the mercy of her own story, and the willingness of her captor to open his heart to her words.

1,000 Nights is published by Abra Kadabra Ink. RP $16.00. ISBN 979-8408683093 Available on Amazon & Kindle

At Abra Kadabra Ink, the goal is to harness the power of words for good—intentional stories that can make a difference. AKI specializes in slightly dark fiction with just a hint of magical realism. The stories are written to challenge the negative mainstream narrative of conflict-associated countries & instead focus on the culture & magic of each place.

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