New Brand Shows How to ‘Live Your Greatness’ in Support of Defunded Police Departments

TEMPE, Ariz., Oct. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — PREFUND THE POLICE, an IRS tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is pleased to announce the immediate launch of its Live Your Greatness Brand as a way for Americans to give directly to defunded law enforcement departments while supporting sustainable solutions. All proceeds go toward healing damaged relationships between police and the communities they serve.

"We wanted an apparel and accessory line that represents the discipline, commitment and selflessness exemplified by police," says co-founder and Executive Director of Prefund the Police, Michael J. Lebb. "At the same time, we wanted our brand to show people how they can live their best life by being all they can be and committing to that personal goal."

The collection is a blend of serious and fun, themed to showcase a healthy lifestyle and strengthen positive connections between parents, children and police.

"Our brand represents a way to wear your heart and values on your sleeve," says Dr. Natasha Deonarain, Executive Health Officer of Prefund the Police. "Customers can show their appreciation of police and also feel good knowing their contribution goes toward creating healthy communities."

Live Your Greatness Brand features the Gold Star Tote Bag, Hero Flip Flops and matching Hero Water Bottle, Real-Life Heroes Ball Caps and POPO onesies for infants. "We want to celebrate what it means to be a community. Our events bring police together with families to promote total health," says Michael. 

The company intends to launch cooking contests, spelling bees, fun races, mentoring and tutorship programs and many more online and virtual themed events. Its vision is to build a nation that values the quality of all human relationships and teaches future generations how to prioritize respect in their lives, with police as the backbone of community health.

PREFUND THE POLICE has a national presence across 50 states online and invites everyone, no matter their age, to get involved, have a ton of fun and transform the world, one community at a time. For more information on upcoming events or to donate online, visit


The mission of PREFUND THE POLICE is to raise the level of consciousness, rebuild trust and help create strong financial foundations for law enforcement. The organization seeks to change America’s current trajectory of destruction to one built on peace, empowerment and prosperity.


Contact Katelyn Howell, Public Relations Manager to schedule interviews with Mr. Lebb and Dr. Deonarain.

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Live Your Greatness Apparel and Accessories

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