New Pediatric Mental Health Center to Offer Ukraine Children + Teens Free Treatment for War-Related Psychological Trauma

Facility made possible through funding by lead donors Stronger Than Ever and Red Ventures, in partnership with JustAnswer and the Lviv IT Cluster

LVIV, Ukraine, Dec. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A groundbreaking new mental health center dedicated to helping Ukraine children and teens suffering PTSD and war trauma-related conditions will open today in Lviv, providing free and low-cost treatment to children in need. The facility, located in Lviv’s St. Nicolas Children’s Hospital, will provide everything from psychotherapy, speech therapy, rehabilitation and medical services to Ukraine youth. Creation of the center was made possible with a significant investment from nonprofit organization Stronger Than Ever and Red Ventures, a US-based company, along with other donors, through a partnership with Lviv IT Cluster and JustAnswer.

Research has shown that war has long-lasting effects on children and adolescents. Those who have directly experienced being in conflict zones are much more likely to suffer from various types of disorders, emphasizes Ivan Myskiv, the director of the St. Nicholas Hospital.

“The number of children in need of help is increasing every day because the psychological consequences of war are distant in time. Children experience anxiety disorders, PTSD, depression, dissociative disorders, behavioral disorders, and are more prone to alcohol and drug abuse,” said Myskiv. “That’s why creating this Center is so important. More than two years into this Russian invasion, we realize that it’s not just surgical interventions or physical treatment needed, but psychological assistance for the youth of Ukraine as well.”

Stronger Than Ever and Red Ventures joined forces to fund the construction of the pediatric mental health center as part of Stronger Than Ever’s broader mission to support humanitarian crises around the world. “There is no greater purpose than helping children in need,” said Ric Elias, founder of Stronger Than Ever and CEO of Red Ventures. “With the pediatric mental health center opening today, we create access to mental health resources for Ukraine’s youngest citizens, and empower them to carve a path towards a brighter and more prosperous future for the country.”

JustAnswer CEO Andy Kurtzig, whose company and nonprofit organization, the Arizae Foundation helped connect Stronger Than Ever and Red Ventures with Lviv IT Cluster for this project and funded the adult Mental Health Center launched in late 2022, believes it’s more important than ever to maintain support for Ukraine today.

“As we near the two-year anniversary of the Russian invasion, and the world is faced with new acts of international terrorism and atrocities in the Middle East, it would be easy to get distracted and lose focus, but that would be a terrible mistake,” said Kurtzig, whose company still employs hundreds of people in Ukraine. “Now is the time to increase support in every way possible – especially to the innocent children who have witnessed horrors that no one should ever see, and still live in constant fear and uncertainty. We cannot stand by and watch as a generation of young Ukrainians suffers from the effects of violence and fear.”

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