New Report Highlights Needs of Massachusetts Veterans

BOSTON, Feb. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Brighton Marine, a non-profit assisting Veterans with services and housing in Massachusetts, has released a commissioned report by The Center for a New American Security (CNAS) looking at the needs of Massachusetts veterans. 

CNAS conducted research on demographic trends of the veterans in Massachusetts and interviewed veterans throughout the state. The interviews focused on health, housing, financial security, and social support.

“The Covid 19 pandemic hasn’t spared our veterans. The CNAS report is timely and highlights the challenges veterans face every day. It’s a roadmap for how veteran organizations across the state can better serve those who fought for our country,” said Michael Dwyer, President and CEO of Brighton Marine. “Housing, Healthcare, financial resources and social supports remain critically acute areas of need. The CNAS Report will guide us as we work to turn the data into programs that help Massachusetts’ veterans.” 

The report made key recommendations for nonprofits which service veterans, policymakers, and the community at large. On February 9th at 11:30 a.m. CNAS will host a virtual forum to discuss the findings and hear from leaders in the veterans’ community, including Massachusetts Congressman Seth Moulton and MA Secretary of Veteran Services Cheryl Poppe.

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The Commonwealth of Massachusetts received high grades for overall healthcare, however mental health support remains a strong need for the veterans today. The high cost of housing continues to be a challenge for veterans. Massachusetts has a higher rate of veteran homelessness than the nationwide average. Overall, the system for accessing the variety of veteran support services remains difficult to navigate.

Rosye Cloud, Director of Brighton Marine and former White House Policy Director for Veterans, Wounded, and Military Families, pointed out the need for philanthropy to engage in support our nation’s Veterans.

“Brighton Marine’s commission of the CNAS study reflects a commitment to all Veterans in Massachusetts. The report serves as a call to action for government and philanthropy to join in funding critical evidenced-based supports for Veterans,” said Cloud. “While COVID and the economic recession have devastated the lives of many of our nation’s Veterans, it’s also mobilized charitable organizations to better understand the exigent needs of Veterans, leading to innovative service delivery, increase of technology, and mobilization of emergency assistance.”

The report recommends the following:

  • Implementation of veteran specific mental health care benefits
  • Increased Spanish-speaking veterans service officers
  • Streamlined veteran benefit application process, a one stop shop for veteran services
  • Tailored support for different veteran subpopulations
  • Direct financial assistance to fund basic needs during COVID- 19

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Background on Brighton Marine
Brighton Marine provides extensive care services to New England’s Veterans and connects multiple Veteran service providers through a coordinated care network. In addition to a variety of Veteran services, the campus is home to the Residences at Brighton Marine, Massachusetts’ first public and private housing project since WWII for Active Duty, Veterans, National Guard, Reservists and their families; and recently added permanent housing for vulnerable Veterans at the “Veterans Housing at Brighton Marine.” For more information visit:

Michael Dwyer, President & CEO

SOURCE Brighton Marine

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