Nonprofit Organization Accepts $30,000 Donation from Unconventional Source

MANSFIELD, Texas, July 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Military.Finance is a fully decentralized, reward-based program designed to help our country’s military veterans and first responders. The community-built blockchain organization implements programs to help military and first responder families directly and has a mission to become the largest financial contributor to military charities ever. The $30,000 donation to the Taya and Chris Kyle Foundation is the second financial donation in as little as 63 days since the company was established.

Accepting the donation is Taya Kyle. She is best known through her marriage to the late, great American Sniper, Chris Kyle, and she is also a New York Times best-selling author, with two books published. Taya founded the Taya and Chris Kyle Foundation as a way to continue a post-deployment legacy Chris began. The foundation focuses on the preservation and restoration of the marriage and the family to impact generations. TACK-F recognizes that being mission-ready and prepared to respond wherever and whenever needed comes at a cost. TACK-F leads the charge in providing insight and targeted programmatic interventions to offer service families hope, and importantly, statistically significant outcomes when it comes to a multitude of force readiness and wellness issues.

"Taya Kyle represents everything we stand for at Military.Finance," says Brad Dahl, founder of the company. "She’s an American icon that continues to strengthen she and her husband’s legacy through helping families of heroes that serve."

Taya Kyle has agreed to work with Military.Finance because their mission aligns well with the foundation she set up in her husband’s honor, to not only support veterans and first responders but to also focus on their families. Kyle is looking forward to working alongside cutting-edge technology that could change how charities increase donor support and continue to bridge gaps between the population served and supported

"Military.Finance has given us a great opportunity to help more families who are struggling to stay together. I am looking forward to learning more about what they are doing to help others in this space." says Kyle. "The foundation looks forward to continued discussion and vision on how to increase awareness of the service community support needs and bring to the forefront the need to answer the call to action."

This brings Military.Finance’s total donations to $50,000 with the other $20K getting donated to Major Ed Pulido at the Heart of a Lion Foundation on June 2, just 21 days after the token was developed. "These guys are the real deal," stated Major Ed. "We have an opportunity to change a lot of lives."

Along with the financial donations, Military.Finance has also initiated several programs to encourage volunteer efforts, connect active-duty military with family, sponsor individual PTSD treatments, as well as grant wishes for terminally ill veterans.

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