Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association: A Beacon of Leadership and Inclusion

AURORA, Colo., May 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association (RMDSA) proudly announces a series of significant leadership transitions and the welcoming of new board members, marking a new chapter in our journey towards fostering inclusion and excellence.

Leadership Transitions: Evelyn J. Walter, after a remarkable five-year tenure as President of the Board, will now serve as Past President. Evelyn’s unwavering commitment has been a cornerstone in advancing RMDSA’s mission and supporting families touched by Down syndrome. Her unique insights, drawn from her personal journey as a parent and her professional acumen as a business leader, have been invaluable in shaping our initiatives in advocacy and community engagement.

Elmer Sequeira, with a solid four-year track record on the board and experience as Vice President, steps up as Board Chair. Elmer’s forward-thinking leadership and profound connection with RMDSA’s values equip him to steer the organization towards greater heights. His innovative approach to program development and knack for collaboration are set to enhance our outreach and impact.

Devin Myers, a key figure on our board, assumes the role of Vice President. Devin’s analytical prowess, unwavering dedication, and inventive mindset have been instrumental in our success. His continued influence in this new capacity is highly anticipated, building on his service since 2016, including his initial role on the RMDSA Young Professional Board.

Welcoming New Board Members: Audrey Kapetanovic joins us with a wealth of corporate accounting experience. Her pivotal role in the 2023 Audit and her personal advocacy, inspired by her brother’s experiences, make her a passionate proponent for the rights of individuals with disabilities.

Michael Carvill, known for his empathetic nature and commitment to service, blends his law enforcement background with his sales expertise. His connection to RMDSA enriches his contributions to our board.

Lauren Hash brings two decades of executive leadership and financial acumen as a CPA in the energy sector. Her active involvement in community initiatives, coupled with her insights as a parent, adds a valuable perspective to our mission.

Rob Hill’s dedication to family and community, along with his sales and problem-solving skills, fortify our board’s capabilities. His personal journey since his son’s diagnosis has deepened his commitment to RMDSA.

We warmly welcome these exceptional individuals and look forward to their collective efforts in propelling RMDSA’s mission forward.

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