September Is National Recovery Month

NEW YORK, Sept. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — BIGVISION (, a non-profit designed to help sustain the recovery from addiction in young adults ages 18 to 35, through lifestyle, community and experiences, announces a series of exciting, safe and inclusive online and in-person events to honor National Recovery Month this September.

BIGVISION is a national community, born in NYC, whose mission is to sustain recovery by providing lifestyle, community and connection. Through their events and community, they are helping people in recovery move forward with understanding, positivity, and the tools they need to do the day-to-day work to build the foundation of a sober life- providing a unique comprehensive solution. BIGVISION is the missing link that bridges the gap between treatment and the ability to have a fulfilling and rewarding life embracing multiple paths to recovery. The recovery community is continuing to discover advances and strategies in recovery and treatment everyday – but there is no magic formula.  All too often, recovery can feel like a revolving door- BIGVISION bridges that gap by cultivating hope, empowerment and a meaningful sense of community. BIGVISION demonstrates that life isn’t over when you get sober- rather, the real fun is experienced in recovery.

BIGVISION’s series of September Recovery Month events are designed to support all those in recovery, including family members, supporters and friends or anyone with a passion and desire to help others.

While BIGVISION operates year-round, during Recovery Month this September, and especially in these times of COVID-19, the need for support is greater than ever. The opioid crisis has been raging for years, and new data paints a clear picture of how overdose rates have been increasing sharply throughout the pandemic, and we are losing too many lives.

“Support of the community is critical to help support those in recovery and to let them know they are not alone,” says Eve Goldberg, founder of BIGVISION. “It is possible to have a full sober lifestyle, and only with the support of our friends can BIGVISION, be that resource to those that need it most.”

Here are some of the September Events from BIGVISION. To register go to 

THE BIGVISION RECOVERY QUILT KNITTING PROJECTThrough September 15, the project calls out all knitters, from beginner to expert, for a one-of-a-kind passion project. Anyone interested is invited to help create a large quilt made up of 6-inch squares the online instructional videos will guide people through every step of the project or you can register for our regular knitting classes via Zoom. In creating this project, it is the hope of BIGVISION that young adults in recovery find peace in knowing they are part of a larger picture. This completed quilt will symbolize the meaningful connections created within the BIGVISION sober community and will be on display at BIGVISION HQ when finished! People are encouraged to submit their squares by September 15th by mailing or dropping off to:
BIGVISION HQ34 West 27th Street, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10001

Recovery Yoga with Yoshio Hama, September 7 at 8 am
A Yoga class for all levels on Zoom

Knitting in Person, September 8th at 5:30 pm in Teardrop Park, bringing all the great knitters together for the Recovery Quilt.

Come join us in person for some socially distanced knitting in Battery Park City!

Sober Active NYC X Mendez Boxing, September 16 at 5:30 p.m.
Meet in Central Park for a butt-kicking boxing workout with Mendez Boxing and Sober Active NYC. Event will be followed by a 12-step meeting.

Social Skills Workshop Presented by The Dorm (a young adult treatment facility in NYC)
Part 1 Workshop Broadcast, September 10 at 12m followed by posting to @bigvisionnyc IGTV page

Part 2 Interactive Zoom Skill Building Class, Sep 14 at 12pm
It will be a two- part interactive virtual workshop designed to empower young adults with social skills and confidence to present their best selves in public. This is especially powerful, and addiction is a disease of isolation and phasing out of lockdowns presents added levels of challenges.

Socially Distant Dance Party- Following all Covid-19 protocols and recommended safety measures at location to be announced in Brooklyn. September 20, 4-7pm.
BIGVISION is partnering with Reprieve Party to present a sober DJ’d dance party to celebrate recovery and community connection. Attendees must RSVP and follow all safety guidelines.

Knitting Workshop, Tuesday, September 22, 7:30 pm. BIGVISION is known for its amazing knitters! Come join the workshop, led by Laurie Kimmelstein, and knit in the comfort of your own home. Knitting is known to lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety, and reduce loneliness and isolation – which are all important right now! Knitting materials required. 

Tuesday Talks, Parent advocate Robert Kanter – September 29 at 3 pm.
Join in as Pete chats with Robert Kanter and his daughter Sasha about their recovery journey as a family and the importance of exploring the multiple pathways to recovery.

BIGVISION was founded in January 2015, by Eve Goldberg, a year after her 23-year-old son, Isaac, died of an accidental drug overdose. She was motivated to do something to help young adults in recovery in New York City learn to live fun, meaningful, sober lives. Eve is part of a wonderful family business operating in New York for over 50 years. She has now committed to making BIGVISION a reality by creating entertaining, engaging events and building a community where the BIGVISION community can enjoy themselves in a cool, hip, substance-free environment.

BIGVISION today has a strong board of directors, advisory board, staff and friends that help BIGVISION meet its goal of helping those in recovery. For those want to join the BIGVISION community, donate, or support and create events go to

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