Sewa International Raises $60,000 for Uttarakhand Flood Relief Efforts

HOUSTON, March 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Sewa International raised over $60,000 for Uttarakhand relief efforts while its volunteers continue to serve the victims of the massive flash floods caused by the Glacier Burst on February 7. The floods have claimed 60 lives and affected more than 200 families so far.

The search and rescue operations have continued but hopes of recovering people alive from the flooded sites are receding fast. Government officials of the Indian state announced recently that 136 of the missing people will be declared dead. The sudden surge of water in the rivers Alaknanda and Dhauliganga severely damaged 12 villages on their banks and washed away homes, temples, and animals within a span of a couple of hours.

The first alert about the disaster came from Sewa’s volunteer Manvar Rawat’s live video from Tapovan, a village damaged by the floods. His video, shared within half-hour of the glacier burst, has been watched by more than 3.7 million people and most national and international media agencies have used the same video in their news coverage. 

Sewa has been conducting many development projects for farmers, women, and children for the last few years in Chamoli District where the ruined villages are located. Currently, over 150 of its volunteers are on the ground serving meals to the needy, assisting rescue operations, arranging health checkups, and giving a helping hand to families that lost their loved ones and livelihood.

A community kitchen operated by Sewa is serving meals to about 300 people a day. Over 350 blankets and 300 grocery kits have been distributed so far and homestay/shelter has been arranged for the needy. Sewa volunteers are also conducting a survey in flood-affected villages to find out the needs of the people. 

Rebuilding Plan

Sewa volunteers have prepared a three-year relief and rebuilding plan with an estimated budget of over $300,000. This plan includes trauma counseling, environmental rehabilitation, and skill development. Commissioning a medical van, supporting community farming, and providing seed money to an estimated 300 people to start their business are part of the plan.

Hundreds of trees were uprooted by the floods, and Sewa International wants to plant about 5,000 saplings and care for them until they grow and work as natural shields to prevent future avalanches and landslides. 

About Sewa International
Sewa International,, a leading Hindu faith-based nonprofit organization, has extensive experience in disaster rescue, relief, and rehabilitation operations having responded to 24 disasters in the US and abroad.

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