Shipping Containers Homes for the Homeless in Sacramento

PHOENIX, Jan. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Linked Equipment is now providing modular container buildings to the homeless space.  Partnering with Otto Construction and Sprung Structures, Linked Equipment is providing customized ISBU container buildings to compliment the Sprung Structures and contractor provided facilities.


A homeless shelter provides people with a temporary place to stay, personal storage, bathrooms, and showers. The wrap around services is also vital to help the homeless stabilize their lives and transition into more permanent housing. However, just having a place to sleep does not do much to get people back into society.  Some have mental or physical problems that make it difficult to feel safe and secure enough to start a job or maintain sobriety.  Wrap around services help with this by providing things like dining, laundry, counseling, kennels for pets, personal storage, and other services needed to improve the overall circumstances of people who are experiencing homelessness. 

Sacramento was in a position where they required approximately 1,000 beds in 2019 to support their homeless population.  The first location to go up was the Meadowview Navigation Center to provide, shelter and assistance to women who are experiencing homelessness.  You can read more about the Meadowview opening in this article titled “New Homeless Shelter and Service Center for Women Opens in Meadowview, October 1, 2020.”


Partnering with Otto Construction (the primary contractor), and Sprung Structures; Linked Equipment provided ISBU container buildings for this homeless center project.  The new Meadowview Homeless Shelter features two Sprung Structures (one for the dormitory and the second for the dining hall) as well as Linked Equipment bathrooms, showers, and laundry facilities.

In support of the Meadowview Navigation Center, Linked Equipment, Sprung and Otto Construction worked together to complete the Sacramento Meadowview Navigation Center.  The Meadowview shelter assists women who are experiencing homelessness providing a 120-bed women’s dormitory complete with wraparound services.  Operating 24 hours a day, the center was designed to serve in excess of 100 clients.


Recycled shipping containers are a cheaper alternative and faster way to provide much-needed housing to homeless families, veterans, and others who may be experiencing hard times.

Using different sized containers, Linked Equipment can join them together like Legos to create building solutions that are customized, turnkey, scalable, and mobile.  Comfortable on the inside and rugged on the outside.  They can be placed on a permanent foundation or on a pad to move to different locations as needed.  Linked Equipment can fulfill unique requirements of any operation with fully portable containers customized to size, quantity, layout, electrical demands, plumbing, storage, extraction laboratories, and more.  For additional information about our CRF efforts visit:

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