The Invictus Foundation’s Welcome Home Network Achieves Its Decade Long Goal of a National Footprint

SEATTLE, April 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Invictus Foundation now has an operating footprint in all eight regions of the Country. Its Welcome Home Networks encompass fifty states. The organization stands ready and prepared to serve its active-duty military, veterans and their families across the Nation.

“It has been a decade since I began the Invictus Foundation,” said Peter J. Whalen, Founder and CEO of the Invictus Foundation™. “I began it with this bedrock understanding and belief. That for those of us that have experienced the crucible of war that it has a profound impact both physically and emotionally on those men and women we send to fight in them on this Nation’s behalf. When I say profound, I am talking about decades not years. It is a fundamental truth that most Americans cannot wrap their minds around. There is statistical data that points to a tailing effect of 30 years.

“Long after the physical wounds heal and scar over the emotional scarring remain. Understanding this fundamental fact drove me to start the Invictus Foundation ten years ago with ten thousand dollars of my own seed money. I remain steadfastly dedicated to its vision and mission.

“The high impact results achieved by the Invictus Foundation’s programs and services over the last decade has been accomplished entirely through private sector funding which, in my opinion, demands an optimization of dollars spent on programs and service and far less on overhead.

“Technology has allowed the Invictus Foundation to accomplish its vision and mission at a fraction of the cost that it once took in the rolling out of regional managed care plans all around the Country. I was a young health care executive at the time helping Aetna roll out its managed care across the Country at costs per region that ran into the millions of dollars.

“Focusing on high impact programs and services and combining six sigma techniques, employing zero based budgeting annually and harnessing technology as a force multiplier we have been able to push ninety-five cents of every dollar donated down to the point of service.”

A Leaning Forward Future for the Invictus Foundation

“I began this journey ten years ago using a capstone strategy,” Whalen continued. “We are halfway along the continuum of completing that strategy. Our strategic and tactical plan was to first put eight regional Welcome Home Networks in place across the Country. That goal has been achieved. We will now begin to focus on building out eight regional Invictus Centers for Traumatic Brain Injury & Psychological Health.

“The Centers will be the capstones of the Invictus Foundation’s vision and mission. The Centers will offer intensive day treatment programs and services, extensive outpatient programs and services for traumatic brain injury, mild traumatic brain injury, associated brain injury and behavioral health issues to active-duty military members, veterans and their families.

“Our Welcome Networks will act as feeders into the Centers for those men and women needing a higher level of intensity of treatment across the spectrum of physical and emotional injuries mentioned above. We are projecting that each Cerner will cost 3M dollars each. Our plans are to build the first Invictus Center for Traumatic Brain Injury & Psychological Health in Orting, Washington. Our goal is to break ground for the Center in 2024.

“We have accomplished a great deal in the last decade with much left to achieve in the coming decade. We are executing our strategic and tactical game plan with intelligence and patience. The joy is in the journey not how quickly you get there.”

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Peter J Whalen

SOURCE Invictus Foundation