The Tackle Hunger Challenge Asks Big Game Viewers to Help Put Soup in Bowls for Those in Need

HOUSTON, Feb. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As we gear up for football’s biggest game this weekend, many people are collecting cans at schools, filling soup pots with dollars at churches or having parties and gathering donations for local food charities using the Souper Bowl of Caring’s annual effort. We ask the simple question: What if everyone watching gave just one can or one dollar to a local food charity? A simple prayer, spoken in 1990, inspired a grassroots movement that is now a nationwide campaign supported by the NFL Alumni and ten NFL teams. Thousands of groups participate in the annual event generating millions for hunger-relief charities large and small across the country. Souper Bowl of Caring’s mission to unite all communities to tackle hunger is more important than ever.

"Almost 10% of Americans state that they had difficulty putting food on the table during 2021. There are tens of thousands of food charities in neighborhoods across our country making sure those hungry have food to eat. Our effort aims to use the energy of the Big Game to generate support and awareness for these hard-working food charities," said Alison Reese, Executive Director of Souper Bowl of Caring, "Our national Tackle Hunger Map shows where your local food charities need help so people can help in their own community. With Souper Bowl of Caring, groups always choose their charity and fundraise to meet local needs." Souper Bowl of Caring efforts have generated over $170 million in donations for local hunger-relief charities over the years. A simple can of soup means hope to someone in need.

Anyone who enjoys the excitement of the "Big Game" can participate in the country’s biggest weekend of giving in serving through Souper Bowl of Caring. Participation is free and simple. Donate to a local charity by visiting the Tackle Hunger Map at or participate by hosting a food drive: register at, collect food items or cash, and donate 100% to your group’s charity of choice. Report your final results through your online profile by calling 1-800-358-SOUP (7687) or emailing
. Check out our website for results in the weeks after the Big Game!

About Souper Bowl of Caring and the Tackle Hunger Movement
Souper Bowl of Caring’s mission is to unite all communities to tackle hunger. Since 1990, Souper Bowl of Caring has generated more than $170 million in food and monetary donations across the country. Participants donate 100% of their collection directly to their charity of choice, including food banks, soup kitchens or other local hunger-relief charities. They also manage the Tackle Hunger Map (found at, where users can give directly to the charity they chose easily and quickly through a simple platform. The map is a solution that can keep up with the heightened demands of organizations that feed their communities during emergency situations. For more information visit

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