Trans Activists and Faith Leaders Declare ‘Transphobia Is a Sin!’

The Black Trans Prayer Book hosts 5th annual #TransphobiaIsASin Campaign

SEATTLE, Jan. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In 2019, when J Mase III and Lady Dane Figueroa Edidi started the #TransphobiaIsASin campaign, there were 25 anti-Trans bills introduced in the United States, a number that has increased every year since. 2022 alone saw over 155 anti-Trans bills.

As co-directors of the Black Trans Prayer Book, Mase & Dane, assert that these bills have been part of ongoing coordinated attacks against Trans people that have been ramping up in recent years. Speaking of their upcoming social media campaign and action, they write, “The #TransphobiaIsASin Campaign is important, because anti-Trans rhetoric and its connection to religious violence has not stopped and transantagonists have fought harder to enact legislative, psychological, cultural, AND religious harm on Trans people. We have also witnessed many a (faux) religious leader, gaslight and play victim while being perpetrators of abuse on targeted communities utilizing national platforms to stoke hate.”

At this critical time in anti-Trans legislation and violence they assert that there have been “intentional attacks on Trans kids, disabled Trans people, working class Trans people, Black, Brown & Indigenous Trans people, femme Trans people, Trans people who can give birth, Trans Immigrants, Trans people who are houseless, Trans sex workers, and Trans elders. 

While many Trans people have remained resilient and have resisted the lies told on our community, some have lost their lives because of constant anti-Trans rhetoric which has generally found a regular home on media platforms which once claimed to be allies of our communities, but are swinging more and more “centrist” (read: right) every day. There is no both sides when it comes to protecting and affirming the lives of Trans people (full stop).”

When asked about the upcoming #TranshobiaIsASin Campaign and what they wish for it to accomplish, they continued, “We believe that theologies of healing should be more popular, more abundant, and receive more breath than the anti-Trans words, actions and theologies of violence which are so prevalent in our current public realities all over the world. We ask everyone and anyone, invested in calling attention to and ending violence against Trans people to join us on Jan 15th for the #TransphobiaIsASin Campaign.”

Below, please find details on how to participate in this year’s digital action.

J Mase III & Lady Dane Figueroa Edidi
Co-Directors, The Black Trans Prayer Book

How to Participate in the #TransphobiaIsASin Campaign

Who & What: 
The Co-Directors of The Black Trans Prayer Book are hosting the 5th annual #TransphobiaIsASin Campaign.

To call attention to, and disrupt the religious violence Trans people experience every day, (especially those of us who are Black/Brown/Indigenous.)

Jan 15th and the Black Trans Prayer Book wants the public’s help!


  1. Take a photo of yourself with a sign saying one of the following lines: “Transphobia is a Sin”, “Transphobia is Haram,” “Trans People are Divine,” or “Trans People Exist Because Our Ancestors Existed”
  2. Use the hashtag #TransphobiaIsASin
  3. Post on social media Jan 15th

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