Waggle.org and FurEver Fund Rescuing Families from Economic Euthanasia

ESSEX, Conn., Dec. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Waggle.org today announced many more thousands of pet families are looking to the kindness of a sequestered nation to prevent the heartbreak of economic euthanasia.  

When we start to jingle the holiday bells, we are mindful of those less fortunate, as we open our hearts, hearths, and wallets for those in need.  Given the wrenching challenges of COVID-19, we look to be even more generous in our giving. A wide swath of the population has been forced to make tearful choices between the rent and gifts for family. Right now, paying an unexpected large veterinary bill is simply an unattainable luxury for many.

Via its FurEver Fund, Waggle invites America to support its mission to help sick and injured animals in need of financial support.  

The Facts

  • The US has 106 million cat and dog pets.
  • Half of US households have a pet dog1.
  • Social isolation and US pet adoptions are both at record levels2.

The Problem

  • With unemployment rates at historic levels, many pet owners cannot afford medical treatment for severely sick or injured pets leading to record rates of “Economic Euthanasia.”
  • Devastating to pet families, this also takes a heavy emotional toll on veterinarians (highest doctor rate of suicide).

The Solution: Waggle.org to the Rescue
Waggle.org has facilitated the medical bill rescue of over 1,000 cats and dogs, a number rapidly growing.

Waggle.org’s campaign strategy that funds treatment of seriously ill or injured pets has never been more in demand. Their work saves the pet’s life, keeps families together and helps vets avoid the trauma of putting down a family member. 

Waggle.org has created a unique crowdfunding business model to cover the cost of medical treatment of pets that typically run $2,000 on up to $5,000.  Unlike conventional crowd funding, Waggle is distinguished by:

  • Verification: Verifying each and every prospective case and the veterinarians’ invoice – Waggle remits directly to the licensed vet only — ensuring 100% of donations pay for treatment.
  • The Giving Season: For people who want to help treat the thousands of sick and injured US pets, Waggle has launched the FurEver Fund which enables a monthly donation for as little as $10/month.
  • Matching Sponsors: To encourage donors, Waggle has partnered with major pet industry sponsors who typically agree to match consumer donations thereby raising the needed funds in half the time or less.
  • Celebrity Influencers: Waggle partners with top influencers in the pet world. Did you know Lil Bub has over 4 million social media followers? Pet activist and Country singer Miranda Lambert has over 20 million.
  • Lasting Solutions: Waggle works with pet health insurers to encourage pet owners to buy policies.

The 2020 pandemic brought with it a tsunami of pet adoptions, and a significant increase in the number of new pet guardians turning to Waggle for a lifeline. Waggle’s prominence is accelerating, enabling the organization to do even greater good and have a more substantial social impact. 

The Company has been under the media radar – until today. Waggle Founder and CEO Steven Mornelli is an engaging and highly articulate interview, and would love to explain why Waggle is such a win-win all around. 

About Waggle.org
Waggle is committed to ending economic euthanasia.

Economic euthanasia is on the rise nationally in economically challenged communities who especially benefit from pet companionship. We work with everyone — vets, shelters, rescue organizations, and individuals — to reverse this heartbreaking epidemic.

We know that no single person or organization can alter the fate of half a million animals in need. Our growing movement is therefore dedicated to building tools and insights to help communities join together and circumvent this tragic outcome in a self-sustaining, radically transparent way.

No pet parent should lose their best friend because of financial hardship.

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