WikiCharities Launches New Online Platform to Improve Nonprofit Collaboration and Help Victims Find Services

PALO ALTO, Calif., June 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —¬†WikiCharities, an online platform transforming the nonprofit sector, today publicly launched free profile pages for any US-based nonprofit organization. Nonprofits are encouraged to claim their WikiCharities profile page, which will enable them to showcase their activity, contact information, and topics of focus. The WikiCharities site is designed to facilitate connections between nonprofits and help those in need to find services more quickly and effectively.

Founded in 2020 and headquartered in California, WikiCharities is a better way for nonprofits to connect, show their accountability, and increase collaboration to improve outcomes. All 1.7 million U.S. based 501c3 registered nonprofits are searchable on the WikiCharities map by location and topic. In the near future, WikiCharities will be adding capabilities to validate these nonprofits and allow certified organizations to post projects for funding. 

"At WikiCharities, our mission is to facilitate online collaboration in the nonprofit sector, as well as improve the ability for individuals and communities to find the services they need," said Dr. Angie Holzer, CEO and Founder of WikiCharities. "For example, one of the main reasons why victims of human trafficking don’t get help is they don’t know where to find services. WikiCharities will allow organizations focused on human trafficking or other issues to find each other, share best practices, and more, as well as helping provide a resource for victims to find the services they need in their local community."

"I love what you are doing and it’s going to be such an incredible resource and help to many! So many times I have wished for a way to connect with other organizations but it’s a tedious job that requires so much research, filtering and outreach. I get so focused on our projects and I wear a lot of hats that this type of vetting and connection would be an incredible gift," said Kristin Van Wey, President & Founder, Let’s Empower.¬†

WikiCharities focuses on three main pillars to help serve the nonprofit community:

  • Connect: WikiCharities is improving how nonprofits connect with each other as well as how those in need find services through our searchable map, where nonprofits can be found by location and topic.
  • Validate: Nonprofits will show their transparency with financial records, partnerships, and the impact they make in their community on their WikiCharities profile page.
  • Collaborate: WikiCharities can help improve how nonprofits work together by first, becoming aware of the other nonprofits working on the same mission and second, providing a way to connect with these nonprofits, researchers and community leaders to improve outcomes.

Nonprofits can easily claim their profile pages today by visiting For more information, please visit our website or email

Press Contact:
Dr. Angie Holzer


SOURCE WikiCharities

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